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Test Prep Sucks But A DC Startup Wants To Fix It | Verizon 5G Coming To DC

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Muni Sucks Part 53346: Muni Has Only Spent 2% Of $500 Million …

Photo: Karen Wickre/Twitter

In news that has Board of Supervisors President London Breed saying “Seriously?” and is likely to make you, too, say “Come on, really? Are you kidding?” Muni has spent just two percent of a massive, half-billion-dollar transit bond authorized in 2014. No, it’s not being saved for a rainy day — and Muni has those pretty much constantly. It’s actually incurring interest payments, as Breed observes.

“Almost two and half years later, do you know how much of the $500 million has actually been spent to improve our transportation infrastructure?” Breed asked during a Board of Supes meeting according to the Examiner. “Twelve — $12 million. Twenty-seven months later, the MTA has spent 2 percent of the bonds we all authorized — the bonds we all said were urgently needed.”

An SFMTA document obtained by

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AT&T Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge Receive Nougat Update

galaxy s7

Late last week, Friday to be exact (same day as T-Mobile), ATT began rolling out the Nougat update to owners of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. 

From what we have seen, the update weighs in at roughly 1.5GB, putting it on the very large side of OTA updates. Inside, users can expect to find the typical changes that are included with Nougat, such as a revamped notification system and improved battery life, but Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI also receives a few changes with the update.

If you are on ATT and own a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you might’ve already seen the notification pop up. If you still haven’t received it, you should be very soon.

With carrier models receiving Nougat, maybe we’ll finally see Android 7.0 make a dent in the Android distribution chart.

Via: ATT

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AT&T is pushing the official Nougat update to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

Carriers in the US are finally starting to roll the official Android 7.0 Nougat update out to Samsung’s flagship duo, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Yesterday, folks on T-Mobile began to see the OTAs hit their phones, but now, ATT device owners are getting them as well. And yes, it’s still 7.0 Nougat and not 7.1.


For the S7 edge, the update is weighing in at a quite sizable 1.6GB, and we wouldn’t expect the S7’s update to be much smaller. Like the T-Mobile one, it brings the most recent February 1st, 2017 security patch. Neither the S7’s support page nor the S7 edge’s page have

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AT&T’s new ‘unlimited’ plan sucks

As of this morning, all four major wireless carriers offer data plans described as “unlimited” to all their customers. But while I’m reluctantly willing to describe the Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint plans as unlimited (despite some restrictions), ATT’s plan could better be described as a “22GB data plan but you can’t actually use that data to watch pretty videos or do work on your laptop” plan.

Admittedly, it’s not such a catchy description, but it does have the alternative benefit of being true.

When ATT announced the plan yesterday, it didn’t give us all of the pricing details or restrictions on that unlimited data. But now that the plan is available, we can see specifics, and it suddenly looks like less of a good deal.

Let’s start with the fine print. There’s a lot of it, which you can examine in detail here, but two

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Why Google Is the New Evil Empire

“We don’t need you to type at all because we know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less guess what you’re thinking about … Is that over the line?” – Google Chairman Eric Schmidt

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a Galactic Empire, a beady-eyed Emperor and his heavy-breathing sidekick, Darth Vader. Ever since, we’ve identified the corporate villains we love to hate. We had ATT (T) in the 70s, IBM (IBM) in the 80s, and the evil empire of the 90s was of course Microsoft (MSFT)and Bill “The Conqueror” Gates.  

Today we have Google (GOOGL). Don’t let the geeky façade, whimsical multicolored logo and “don’t be evil” mantra fool you. Google may very well be the most sinister threat and wicked incarnation of them all.

In an interview with the Atlantic almost five years ago,

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AT&T: Google is an evil empire that must be stopped

Following up on the Federal Communications Commission’s continuing investigation into the legality and regulatory positioning of Google Voice, telecommunications giant ATT addressed the FCC with a document entitled, “The Truth About Google Voice and the Open Internet Principles.” (PDF available here, hosted by the Washington Post.) It reads quite like any other publication with a title like “The Truth About…” complete with all the shock and vitriol of a propaganda pamphlet.

ATT claims that Google needs to stop blocking certain outbound Google Voice calls. Google claims that it blocks certain connections which are too expensive for a free service to connect to; and furthermore, as an Internet-based service, the issue is out of the FCC’s jurisdiction anyway.

ATT’s problem with Google Voice is that it, as well as the other national telephone companies, cannot block these access numbers, and have to pay the high fees that Google Voice has been

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FCC: DirecTV Now Plan Appears to Violate Net Neutrality Order

A new report out of the FCC’s Wireless Bureau advises that ATT’s DirecTV Now sponsored data plan appears to violate the Open Internet order per its general conduct standard. But a new, Republican-led FCC, is unlikely to second that opinion.


The Wheeler FCC concluded its long-standing review of zero rating business plans Wednesday (Jan. 11) expressing “no concern with zero-rating per se,” but plenty of concerns with ATT’s sponsored data plan and Verizon’s FreeBee Data 360.


The Wireless Bureau report concluded that: “The limited information we have obtained to date…tends to support a conclusion opposite from ATT’s contentions – namely, that ATT offers Sponsored Data to third party content providers at terms and conditions that are effectively less favorable than those it offers to its affiliate,” and said that “the structure of Verizon Wireless’s FreeBee Data 360 sponsored data program offering may pose concerns for the same reasons as ATT’s Sponsored Data

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T-Mobile’s Offbeat Chrome Extension Replaces “AT&T” With “The DeATTh Star” On All The Sites You Visit

Love it or hate it, T-Mobile’s crusade against other wireless carriers, has given us a lot of chuckles, maybe some good laughs, and probably a healthy dose of groans and cringes. This last attempt, I think, falls on the innocuous side of the equation, quirky enough to be interesting for us to cover without being too distasteful or annoying.

Writing on T-Mobile’s blog, John Legere compared ATT to the Evil Empire and cited its dark methods of detaining customers and its pathological need to dominate and control and keep everything secret as the reason why its powers are akin to the Death Star. Well, that and the logo is eerily similar, isn’t it?

So on this blessed May the Fourth be with you day, T-Mobile is releasing a Chrome extension that replaces all instances of “ATT” that it can find in any webpage you browse with “The DeATTh

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You: “AT&T = Evil Empire” AT&T CSR: “No Problem, Have A Great Day!”

Rhett was trying to order $10 DSL for his mom when he got the fabled “$10 DSL Runaround.”

Rhett writes:

My mother recently moved to a new home and was trying to decide which provider she should choose to provide internet service. I told her that because of ATT’s recent merger, they had to provide $10 DSL to new subscribers. I warned her it would be a little difficult because despite the low price offer, ATT often tries to get people to pay more. She called them this afternoon and they told her that she was eligible for the offer, but should would have to sign up for it online. My mother brought up the point that she was not able to get online, and in fact, that was the reason she was calling them in the first place. The rep basically told her that

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