We stand on the verge of an exciting new age when the failed and fraudulent media of old will soon be exiled, punished at last for the damaging lies of “multiculturalism,” “decency,” and “facts.” Even the most precocious of 16-year-olds or president-elects can see it: The era of CNN, The New York Times, and the rest of their crumbling Fourth Estate ilk is over. We no longer have need for these professional con artists pushing their self-serving agendas; we have Donald Trump’s Twitter now. We don’t have to listen to their ill-informed, manipulative conspiracy rumblings; we have dudes on Reddit now. And we definitely don’t need 24-hour cable news channels, dedicated to filling our day with nothing but lies and more lies. America is going to be great again—we have Taylor Swift NOW!

Yesterday, ATT, the NSA’s chief citizen surveillance arm and home to that adorable Lily,

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