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Lacklustre Dulwich Hamlet scrape a 1-1 draw against the evil …

Lacklustre Dulwich Hamlet scrape a 1-1 draw with the evil empire of Leatherhead, Tues 4th April, 2017

It was a disappointing night at Champion Hill as an underwhelming Dulwich Hamlet failed to bag all three play-off-boosting points against relegation-threatened arch-rivals Leatherhead.

Lacklustre Dulwich Hamlet scrape a 1-1 draw with the evil empire of Leatherhead, Tues 4th April, 2017

Geographically-speaking, Leatherhead aren’t obvious candidates to become rivals of Dulwich, but many fans will never forget or forgive the Surrey club’s supremely dodgy antics over WallGate. The rotters.

Lacklustre Dulwich Hamlet scrape a 1-1 draw with the evil empire of Leatherhead, Tues 4th April, 2017

The ground was bedecked with these all-seeing VR 360 degree cameras.

Lacklustre Dulwich Hamlet scrape a 1-1 draw with the evil empire of Leatherhead, Tues 4th April, 2017

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You: “AT&T = Evil Empire” AT&T CSR: “No Problem, Have A Great Day!”

Rhett was trying to order $10 DSL for his mom when he got the fabled “$10 DSL Runaround.”

Rhett writes:

My mother recently moved to a new home and was trying to decide which provider she should choose to provide internet service. I told her that because of ATT’s recent merger, they had to provide $10 DSL to new subscribers. I warned her it would be a little difficult because despite the low price offer, ATT often tries to get people to pay more. She called them this afternoon and they told her that she was eligible for the offer, but should would have to sign up for it online. My mother brought up the point that she was not able to get online, and in fact, that was the reason she was calling them in the first place. The rep basically told her that

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Why Google Is the New Evil Empire

“We don’t need you to type at all because we know where you are. We know where you’ve been. We can more or less guess what you’re thinking about … Is that over the line?” – Google Chairman Eric Schmidt

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a Galactic Empire, a beady-eyed Emperor and his heavy-breathing sidekick, Darth Vader. Ever since, we’ve identified the corporate villains we love to hate. We had ATT (T) in the 70s, IBM (IBM) in the 80s, and the evil empire of the 90s was of course Microsoft (MSFT)and Bill “The Conqueror” Gates.  

Today we have Google (GOOGL). Don’t let the geeky façade, whimsical multicolored logo and “don’t be evil” mantra fool you. Google may very well be the most sinister threat and wicked incarnation of them all.

In an interview with the Atlantic almost five years ago,

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FCC Approves Time Warner’s WPCH Sale to Meredith

Apr 18, 2017 10:07 AM ET

Transaction part of plan to avoid FCC review of ATT-Time Warner merger

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Ryssligt mode

Kristofer Andersson om symboler som får ajabaja-vännerna att se rött

I vintras, på en välgörenhetsauktion på välbeställda Bukowskis i Stockholm, bar jag en jacka med hammaren och skäran.

Varför då? funderar vän av ajabaja. Delvis för att jävlas med gästlistan, men mest för att jag tycker om den ryske – och sedan några år mycket inflytelserike – designern Gosha Rubchinskiy.

Gosha Rubchinskiy var sju år gammal när järnridån föll, och hans uppväxt kom att präglas av livet i Sovjetunionens atomskugga.

Länge har han kanaliserat idén om nittiotalets postsovjetiska ungdom, och dess möte med västerländsk märkeshysteri, i sin design.

Här finns samarbeten med dåtidens semi-exklusiva sportmärken (Kappa, Fila, Sergio Tacchini), stentvättade jeans med höga midjor, pälsmössor med jätteöronlappar och en politiskt laddad symbolik – bäst

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MLB Daily Line Drive: Friday’s Picks, Betting Odds and Analysis

The Rockies return home after a grueling 10-game road trip and their
reward? A date with the Cardinals Carlos Martinez Friday night. Plus,
analysis on today’s games as well as tips on weather, umpires, and other
betting trends with our daily MLB Line Drive.

Double-Play Picks

St. Louis Cardinals at Colorado Rockies (+103, 10.5)
the start of the season many people believed this would be the year the
Rockies would take a leap forward, but not many thought the leap was
going to be this big. Colorado leads the NL West with a 31-18 record and
they look to improve that record when they welcome the Cardinals to
town Friday night to start a three-game weekend set.

The Rockies
have always been known for their bats and this season is no different as
they rank in the Top 10 in runs, average, OPS

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Bronx’s Ruben Diaz Jr. to march in Puerto Rican Day Parade

The city’s top Puerto Rican elected official in The Bronx will march in the embattled Puerto Rican parade despite the furor over its honoring a a FALN terrorist group kingpin.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. also rapped corporate sponsors for bailing out, calling it an “incredibly disheartening” slap at the Puerto Rican community.

“This parade is not about any particular individual, but the pride — orgullo — of the Puerto Rican people,” Diaz said in a statement.

“To remove financial resources that foster this celebration sends an awful signal to a loyal customer base. Are we not wanted?”

The corporate sponsors that pulled out include ATT, Coca-Cola, Corona, Goya Foods, Jet Blue, the New York Yankees and Univision.

Diaz was referring to the parade board’s decision to give convicted felon Oscar Lopez Rivera its “National Freedom Award” at the June 11 march.

“Reasonable people can disagree on the actions and impact

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For one new fund, the question isn’t which corporate backer, but why not 10?

Engage Ventures is a new, Atlanta-based accelerator fund for early-stage deals. It isn’t managing a ton of money — it just closed on $15 million for its debut effort — but it does have some interesting financial backers.

Unlike a corporate venture unit that’s trying to satisfy one company, Engage has instead secured its capital commitments from 10 Fortune 1000 companies that are, frankly, all over the map, and include ATT, Chick-fil-A, Cox Enterprises, Delta Air Lines, Georgia-Pacific, Georgia Power Foundation, Intercontinental Exchange, Invesco, The Home Depot and UPS.

The idea, says managing director Thiago Olson, is to ensure Engage’s portfolio companies have as many potential partners, as well as acquirers, as possible.

It’s an interesting proposal, and one we saw more recently and on a much larger scale with Fifth Wall Ventures, a real

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T-Mobile offers to pay for Verizon switchers’ phones, two-lines-for …

PhoneDog Media ExclusiveDownload iM5, now available in the App Store and Google Play. iM5 is a PhoneDog Media backed Social Platform to inspire real-life action through the crowdsourcing of ideas. See the video

Yesterday T-Mobile CEO John Legere teased that T-Mo had multiple announcements coming up, and today a couple of them have been made.

Starting May 31st, T-Mobile will kick off its #GetOutoftheRed promotion to help Verizon customers switch to T-Mo. Verizon customers in good standing with their carrier can get their iPhone or Google Pixel paid off by T-Mobile when they switch to T-Mobile and sign up for T-Mobile One, and they can keep their existing device.

The phones that qualify for this promotion include the iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus,

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Opinion: The Future of the GOP Lies in Suppressing the Latino Vote

Kris Kobach, the Kansas secretary of State, is a notorious figure in the Latino community. Largely responsible for pushing anti-immigrant legislation like Arizona’s SB1070, Kobach has put his law degree at Yale University to poor use targeting the weak.

Kobach discovered he could ride the wave of anti-immigrant sentiment in his state after the recession following the housing collapse and now he has made it his mission to drum up falsehoods in the pursuit of limiting the political impact of minorities at the ballot box against the Republican Party.