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Google gets trolled by AT&T over Google Fiber

Google is a whiny, ignorant, wet-behind-the-ears prima donna headed for a reckoning at the hands of the heroic ATT.

At least that’s the story the telecommunications behemoth is telling, in a humorous but pointed poke in the eye to Google, delivered via a blog post.

Google and ATT have been battling over Google’s attempts to access, for its Google Fiber ultra-high-speed internet service, utility poles ATT and other Google competitors control.

It is amid this high-stakes fight over super-speedy internet that ATT’s blog post comes. “Between 2011 and 2015, while Google Fiber was cutting its teeth on fiber, ATT invested over $140 billion in its network, building to over one million route miles of fiber globally and deploying ultra-high-speed fiber-fed GigaPower broadband services, reaching over a hundred cities,” said the post by ATT vice-president of federal regulatory issues Joan Marsh. “Google Fiber will no doubt continue its broadband experiments, while coming

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New FBI Notes Uncover More Lies, More Free Passes

The newest revelation to come out of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server is that President Obama may have lied about knowing of its existence.

The batch of documents released Friday night includes Huma Abedin’s April 5, 2016 FBI interview, in which she was shown an email Obama had sent to Clinton using a pseudonym, suggesting the president knew she was using a private server.

“To immunize basically all the key players in the case kind of sounds like a case you’re trying to make go away”

But this isn’t the only lie exposed by the release of documents pertaining to the FBI investigation. Indeed, in Abedin’s April 5 interview, she claimed, like Obama, to not have known of the existence of Clinton’s private server until it was revealed in the news.

But this claim is belied entirely by the testimony of Justin Cooper, one of Clinton’s IT men. “Cooper

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AT&T Unite Explore (Netgear AC815S)

The ATT Unite Explore ($199.99) shows why you need a mobile hotspot. In an era of smartphones with hotspot mode, the Unite Explorealso known as the Netgear AC815Sshows the battery, range, network, and signal advantages that justify getting a separate hotspot when you really need Internet access for a family or group. It’s not only the best hotspot for ATT, but the best hotspot in terms of hardware you can get right now. This earns it our Editors’ Choice recommendation.

Design and Features
The Unite Explore is a rugged little brick at 4.5 by 2.8 by 0.8 inches and 6.3 ounces. It’s covered in rubber bumpers and is splash resistant, though not dunkable. On the

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In any normal debate we wouldn’t need fact-checking. Tonight, it’s vital

Donald Trump is winning his war on reality, and can thank America’s biggest news outlets for it. Ahead of tonight’s presidential debate, Trump’s campaign has taken umbrage at the idea that NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt might fact-check him, or venture to ask follow-up questions. “All that we’re asking is that, if Donald Trump lies, that it’s pointed out,” Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, modestly proposed on ABC’s This Week yesterday. “A lot of people,” Trump warned in response, “are watching to see whether or not [Holt] succumbs to that pressure.”

Even more bizarre than Trump’s bullying is that networks have caved in to it, rejecting calls for

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AT&T: FCC’s Flawed BDS Analysis Prompts Irrational Results

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T-Mobile says don’t update, iOS 10 causing ‘connectivity issues’ for iPhone customers, fix coming soon [Updated]

Update: T-Mobile says the issues have been resolved. Here’s a support document regarding the situation.

T-Mobile is warning iPhone customers not to update to iOS 10, the latest software version, after several customers have reported ‘connectivity issues’ caused by the update. The issue appears to be affecting iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone SE customers, according to the carrier, although it’s possible a wider group of iPhones including the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus could be as well.

In tweets issued two days after the iOS 10 software update was released, T-Mobile says it is working with Apple on a fix for the problems and expecting a

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Caption this: What are Dez Bryant and Josh Norman saying to one another?

All this and the coaches ask me to do something, I’m going to do it to the full extent of it of my abilities, and I’m going to get the job done and execute flawlessly and that’s what I did,” he told reporters after the game. “Sucks that we came up a little short, but at the end of the day, you take solace in understanding that God gave us these challenges to see if we can overcome and be stronger from it, so of course we are going to get back out there and start on Tuesday and get to work.”

Bryant was coy as well following the game.

“We did exactly what we were going to do in practice,” he said. “We didn’t make it a one-man show or a two-man show between me and Norman. We didn’t.”

Those aren’t the best or most entertaining quotes in the world. Before these two teams met

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T-Mobile responds to AT&T’s upcoming 2G shutdown with free service for IoT customers

PhoneDog Media ExclusiveDownload iM5, now available in the App Store and Google Play. iM5 is a PhoneDog Media backed Social Platform to inspire real-life action through the crowdsourcing of ideas. See the video


T-Mobile is no stranger to poking fun at the other major U.S. competitors and the moves that they make, and today T-Mo is putting ATT in its sights.

T-Mobile says that it’s “throwing a lifeline” to ATT Internet of Things (IoT) customers but offering them free 2G service through the end of 2016. This includes up to 50MB per device per month and free SIM cards.

If you’re an ATT customer that’s interested in migrating your IoT devices to T-Mobile’s 2G network, you can fill out this form.

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UFC lightweight Will Brooks has no respect for ‘arrogant’ Michael Johnson, eyes future showdown

After Michael Johnson knocked out Dustin Poirier in the very first round, “Menace” proceeded to stand over his fallen foe and yell at him in the main event of UFC Fight Night 94 (full video highlights here).

Granted, Johnson later apologized for his actions on national television, admitting his emotions got the better of him after the two combatants got into a heated confrontation at the pre-fight weigh in event, one which saw “Diamond” push Johnson’s head.

Nevertheless, Johnson’s actions caught the attention of fellow UFC lightweight Will Brooks — Poirier’s American Top Team (ATT) teammate — and put “Menace” on notice that he wants a piece of the “arrogant” striker down the line.

“Ill” laid down the gauntlet on a recent appearance on The MMA Hour:

“Yeah I was fired up. It sucks to see a teammate lose and in that fashion. You never want to see a

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Motorola Goes Through Yet Another Massive Layoff (Updated)

motorola logo moto x

According to two sources close to the matter, Lenovo just laid off hundreds of employees at Motorola, potentially more than 50% of the remaining workforce at the mobile device maker. One source actually pegged the number at 700+ out of 1200 remaining who will be told that they no longer have a job within the next day. 

At least one now-former employee took to Facebook to confirm the news (we’ve decided not to include a link to preserve his privacy), saying that he has been with the company for over 20 years and his last day will be this Friday. He mentioned that Lenovo was moving more operations to China, which one of our sources said has been the increasing pattern over the past two years. That source also thinks (according to the internal rumor mill) they may just relocate some

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