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Monthly Archives: September 2011

AT&T Buys T-Mobile: Details and Opinions

ATT Buys T-Mobile: Details and Opinions What does ATT’s purchase of T-Mobile mean for you, the consumer? When will T-Moile get the iPhone? Will the merger be approved? Why do I look so pale? For all your tech news: www.technobuffalo.comVideo Rating: 4 / 5 Incoming search terms: iphone 5 tmobile 9/30/11 (1) where to buy […]

Why applaud AT&T for mobile data usage caps?

Caps will help consumers watch what they consume and most consumers, most of the time, will pay less they they’re paying right now. Also, competitors will now be able to take better aim at the communications giant with more targeted appeals to price-sensitive, data-hungry consumers. … read more at:

Using Social Media for Customer Service | The Social Media

What’s more frustrating for a customer than trying to connect with a company regarding service, and that company keeps redirecting the customer to various departments? Or, how about once the customer is finally connected with a real person, the service is handled either incompletely, incorrectly, or both? What is a disgruntled customer to do? More […]

AT&T Plans filing Friday in response to Sprint & Cellular South

ATT Plans filing Friday in response to Sprint Cellular South Merger Suits ATT is running into protest from many groups, consumers, Justice Dept, so it now places tomorrow Friday to file a motion against the suits, basically stating that the suits are not try and that the acquisition with t-mobile will in fact not hurt […]

AT&T Sucks Bollocks! | Flickr |

By Jason Mitchski Jason Mitchski+ Add Contact This photo was taken on September 21, 2011. Article source: … read more at:

Social Media and Customer Service | BBB Consumer News and

Social media can be a tool to strengthen customer service and to give consumers an outlet to complain about a company. According to Convergys Corp, one bad tweet or one negative comment on Facebook can lose a company up to 30 customers.  Remember the 2009 YouTube video sensation entitled “United Breaks Guitars”? The musician, whose […]

AT&T + T-Mobile = Bad Customer Service? |

ATT’s (T) proposed $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA will merge the wireless network rated among the worst in customer satisfaction with one rated among the the best. The result is not likely to be good for consumers. According to a J.D. Power Associates survey released in February, T-Mobile, now part of Deutsche Telekom (DTEGY), […]

AT&T DSL Internet Complaint – Bad Customer service |

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Study reveals AT&T smartphone customers more likely to be

More smartphone customers choose ATT and now a study from market research leader Nielsen shows that across the nation ATT smartphone owners are more satisfied with their handsets than similar subscribers of other major wireless carriers. The findings are reported in the Nielsen Mobile Insights Study, Q1 and Q2 2011, and are consistent with other […]

Malibu Loses Its Connection with At&t | Ewing & Associates

“We miss you Cingular!” By: Gracee Arthur A funny thing happened in Malibu this weekend which helps prove the government’s anti-trust case against the proposed ATT “merger” with T-Mobile. Sometime on Saturday September 24th, 2011 ATT towers were down in much of Western Los Angeles including Malibu. When I noticed my phone searching for a […]