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Apple Extends Exclusivity Contract With AT&T Until 2010?

I just wish that everyone would just shut up about the “will they, won’t they” iphone on Verizon. It’s stupid. If you want an iphone, shut up and go get one. If you dont like ATT, then go to another carrier, just let it go. This is completely childish. Our economy is bunk right now, many hundreds of thousands of people are out of work, and barely able to make the bill payments, and somehow, somehow, there are people complaining about the iphone not being on Verizon? It’s simple, verizon subscribers….VERIZON TURNED DOWN APPLE. I believe that should settle the matter, any questions? One more time for the ones that missed it, VERIZON TURNED DOWN APPLE. Can i just ask you that if you went to a company to launch your product, and they turned it down…you then go to someone

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