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Chavez May Be Cancer-Free, But Venezuela's Future Still Lies In The

Hugo Chavez

AP Photo/Kent Gilbert

Last June, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez surprised everyone when he announced he had traveled to Cuba to remove a cancerous, baseball-sized tumor from his pelvis. Once he returned to Venezuela, Chavez announced that his friend and mentor, Fidel Castro, had spoken to doctors and given him a clean bill of health, saying the cancer was no where in sight.

Well yesterday, during a four hour press conference, history seemed to repeat itself, Chavez announcing that he is again “totally free” of cancer.

Other than this declaration, little more is known of Chavez’s health. Treating Chavez’s disease and his declining health like a state secret, the form of cancer, which reappeared in February and besieged Chavez for months, is still unknown.

Recently though, Chavez has started making more and more public appearances, in what appears to an attempt to quell the discussion

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