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AT&T just limited my unlimited data plan « Xenophilia (True Strange

ATT just limited my unlimited data plan

Posted by Xeno on July 10, 2012

ATT lost a lawsuit but the fight is still going on. I hit my limit the day before my vacation, so my business plan to work from the road on my large music files via is shot. I also now can’t listen to Internet radio on the road or send free texts or use Voxer to keep in touch during my trip… Unless I stop at a wifi hotspot.

Even some ATT reps were baffled. How can an unlimited data plan get limited? I fought with them for 3 hours and couldn’t get it removed for even ten minutes to finish downloading my work to my phone. The lies are what made me absolutely livid. I was told that the restriction was automated and that it will come off automatically in a few

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