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Who Loses In Retransmission Consent Disputes?

It’s no stranger to the unfortunate folks who happen to have DISH Network, retransmission consent disputes are something well known to DISH customers (along with bad customer service, improperly installed antennas [ungrounded], and a near impossibility of canceling), but for a couple days now DirecTV has been involved in a similar dispute. And it’s a nasty one, they’ve lost Viacom channels. Channels like Nickelodeon and MTV. Normally, when it’s DISH, my instinct says to side with the content providers – DISH pulls this nonsense much too often, at the expense of their customers. They say they’re fighting for lower rates, but I don’t see that in what they charge their customers. Higher profit, maybe. DirecTV, however, has these disputes much less commonly, and Viacom is asking a 30% rate increase – on channels whose ratings have gone down.

What is Viacom thinking? Do they think they really win in the

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