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Aaron Sorkin's 'The Newsroom' Attacks Rush Limbaugh for 'Lying

Following the release of HBO’s “The Newsroom,“ it is looking more and more like ”The Social Network” was probably the last good thing Aaron Sorkin will write. Generally, any show that gets reviews with lines calling its episodes “deeply offensive for three quarters of an hour” can’t be expected to survive. However, now on top of being needlessly smug, sanctimonious escapism for the Left, “The Newsroom” has apparently decided to punch above its weight class by attacking talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. According to “The Newsroom’s” fictional anchor Will McAvoy, Limbaugh “lied” twice over the past few years — once about President Obama’s record on guns, and the other time about a visit to India by President Obama.

Limbaugh, of course, wasn’t going to take this lying down. He fired back Monday on his show, excoriating the program both for potentially fabricating a quote from him, and for claiming he

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