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New iOS 6 Beta Hints That AT&T May Charge For FaceTime Over


When Apple announced at WWDC that FaceTime would (officially) work over cellular data networks, the company deftly avoided offering up much in the way of details. Now that iOS 6 beta 3 has been released into the wild though, a clearer picture of how Apple and their carrier partners will handle the situation is beginning to emerge.

The folks at 9to5mac discovered last night that attempting to enable FaceTime over 3G on an ATT iPhone running on the most recent iOS 6 beta would bring up an interesting little message: To enable FaceTime over cellular on this account, contact ATT at 611 or visit

It looks an awful lot like ATT is planning to charge customers for using FaceTime over 3G, though the revelation isn’t particularly out of character. Allowing customers to FaceTime call their friends and family over-the-air for free

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