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On my happy list! « sfprn |

I deplore bad customer service. I get angry. And then, sometimes, people try to make it right. I just want to thank the few below who helped me muddle through a rough week:

Target has cleaned up the overflowing bins out front of the Deerfield Beach location on Hillsboro/Powerline. I hope permanently, but doubt it. Never-the-less, an effort was made and I am appreciative of having a cleaner area for the time being.

I had a very difficult work project setting up a wireless router. What I thought would be a plug play experience became hours of torture. But, tech support people at Netgear, Belkin and ATT finally and patiently helped me to resolve the set-up. Ultimately, it was the modem that was out-of-date. I must have tried 5 different pieces of equipment, spoke for hours with tech reps, and went back and forth to stores while also putting cords in

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