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Communities Dominate Brands: Digging Deeper into Nokia Q2

Lets dig into those Nokia Q2 numbers and the statements from the Conference Call some more. Yesterday I published the top line market data. Now lets look deeper. We heard a lot of marketing spin in the past months during the massive Lumia launches. We heard that UK consumers have grown tired of iPhones, that on ATT the phone was among its best sellers and in China the Windows Phones were outselling the iPhone. Yeah. And monkeys might fly out of my butt, as Madonna said on Wayne’s World.

I was yelling here that those claims had no foundation, and none of the early numbers and research suggesting anything of the kind. Now we have numbers. So first, lets dig into the astonishing ATT number. Some reputable people were seriously talking of expecting millions of Lumia sales at ATT.


We now know, that the total Nokia

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