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Let's talk about customer service. ~ shuggilippo

Customer service is something that everyone, everywhere will undoubtedly encounter at one point or another in their lives.

Sometimes we get phenomenal customer service and rave and rave and rave about how Company XYZ GETS their customers. Other times we get really, really bad customer disservice.

Unfortunately for the company I have been attempting to deal with since the 18th, I just experienced that dreaded other time where you get really, really bad customer disservice.

Let me share with you the chain of events:

July 2011 – Jess subscribes to under a 30-day-trial, agreeing to the terms that after the initial 30 days, the credit card on file shall be charged a monthly service fee unless a cancellation request is submitted within the trial period.

Mid-July 2011 – Jess no longer needs the services that provides and submits a cancellation request while logged in to her account.

September 2011 – Jess no

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