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The Right-Wing's "Big Lie" Attacks Against the Internet

I don’t usually discuss partisan issues per se in this blog. While I am much more likely to address political matters in other discussion venues, I’ve generally avoided them here.

However, given the right-wing’s new, incredibly dishonest and fraudulent attack on the Internet, I no longer have the luxury of keeping politics in a separate compartment in this case. While both main political parties indeed have dirt on their hands when it comes to the election process, the GOP and its sycophants have driven events to an anti-science, anti-reality new low.

I’m not an expert on their other areas of lies such as climate change denials. I’ll leave addressing those to professionals in the relevant fields.

But if there’s one thing I do know, it’s the Internet and its history, because that’s where I’ve spent my life from the Net’s very early days onward.

The immediate issue began July 13th, when President

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