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3 in 4 New Phones on AT&T Are iPhones | Fast Company

ATT just revealed its quarterly finances and among the statistics lies one incredible fact, that demonstrates exactly how much the company’s future hinges on Apple: 74% of new “integrated device” activations were iPhones.

att iphone

ATT saw two million more subscribers join the network, which is the third highest in a quarter in the company’s history–a slightly surprising figure, given that we’re all supposedly still suffering under a depressed economy. (Could it be the abundant iPhone Apps for the unemployed?) 4.3 million “integrated wireless devices” (basically smartphones) were added to ATT’s grid over this time, which is actually the largest amount added in any quarter ever. Of these 4.3 million, 3.2 million were iPhones, meaning Apple’s completely sewn up the smartphone category within ATT since there are many other devices by numerous manufacturers coming under the same umbrella.

This figure makes it abundantly clear that ATT

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