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The Great New York Switching System fire of 1975 « Spewing Truth

The Great New York Switching System fire of 1975 August 7, 2012

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This is pretty interesting to watch. The switch of course had 170,000 lines on it. It served the area near the East Village.

But in 1975 a fire started. The below video shows the response of the Bell System.

I’ve read extensively about this and it was a herculean effort to restore service back then in a relatively short time.

Now here’s an interesting bit. There is no more Bell System. Sure, att still exists, but it competes with Verizon, Cox, etc.

So if a fire were to break out in a major central office I doubt it would be put back together so quickly.

Here’s why:

1) Since Bell Labs, Western Electric are gone, and most offices either use Lucent

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