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New column offers relief from scams and awful customer service

Nationally syndicated feature created just for consumers


Nationwide ( — Consumers who feel no one is listening to them – especially the big companies they deal with every day – have a new place to turn. On Aug. 1, a weekly column began its distribution to local newspapers and popular blogs, penned by longtime consumer advocate, author and nationally-syndicated columnist Christopher Elliott.

In his debut columns, Elliott tracks down a lost e-gift card for a Target customer; persuades ATT to honor a discount from a phone consultation; and negotiates a replacement computer for a Best Buy visitor.

Audiences won’t just appreciate Elliott’s helpful strategies for finding better service; they’ll also become fans of his feature’s irreverent attitude and wholly interactive format, which includes online polls and heavy social media engagement. Editors are sure to like the way the column attracts and retains audiences, both online and offline.

Elliott, who wrote the acclaimed book Scammed:

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