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Kommer Israel att hjälpa Obama att bli omvald? | Vad händer i

“There’s a crisis in the White House.  And to save the election, they’d have to fake a war.”  So begins the trailer for the 1997 movie Wag the Dog, in which a political spin-meister and Hollywood producer conjure up a scheme to produce a fake war in order to help the president of the United States get re-elected after he is caught in a sex scandal that could destroy his chances of a second term.  While the plot of the movie is ludicrous due to the impossible nature of conning the electorate in such an outrageous manner, the underlying premise — that a country will rally behind its president in time of war — is very real.

But as vile as some of the Obama campaign’s tactics have been with accusations that Mitt Romney is a felon, murderer, and tax cheat, among other outrageous accusations, it is clear that David

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