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Arms Trade Treaty Salesmen Changing Strategy

by Paul Gallant, Sherry Gallant Alan J. Chwick

Reasonable Gun Control

Arms Trade Treaty Salesmen Changing Strategy – In Their Own Words

AmmoLand Gun News

AmmoLand Gun News

New York, NY –-( When someone lies to you, you’d better beware.

There are those little white lies that are told to prevent another’s feelings from being unnecessarily hurt. But more often, lies are told to manipulate people into buying products, doing things, or supporting laws or philosophies they wouldn’t ordinarily do, if they knew the facts.

Take the case of the “snake-oil salesman” in 19th century America, with claims that their “magic elixirs” would cure all the ailments a person might have. Have times really changed that much from those days? Compare their promise to the claims of today’s weapon-prohibitionists who have been relentless in their quest for

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