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AT&T's U-verse Really, Really Sucks…Really | Getting Real

ATT's U-verse Really, Really Sucks...Really

There’s actually a tenuous connection between this post and real estate. You see…my wife and I became intimately aware of this issue after our recent move and since other people may be moving at some point I feel it is my civic duty to warn them about the epic failure that is ATT’s U-verse – a package offering of telephone services, Internet, and TV that simply is not ready for prime time. In fact, if the Three Stooges collaborated with Homer Simpson to develop a competing telecommunications offering it would blow U-verse out of the water.

Consider the following sample of our experiences:

  1. U-verse is incompatible with at least one Philips TV model, which we happened to have just bought. You get no picture if you use the HDMI cable.
  2. U-verse was not aware of the incompatibility issue despite the fact that it is discussed

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