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Trista Ann Michaels: AT&T broadband sucks!!

Well, my internet is down again for the third time since April so here I sit at Mcdonalds so I can check my mail and do whatever else I need to do online. When we moved into this house, I realized to my amazement that even though it’s a highend subdivision off a major highway, we can’t get DSL. We can’t even get cable. The only internet we can get and it’s a sucky internet at that is ATT broadband. It’s so bad that trying to upload anything is usually a trial.

They’re sending over a repair guy tomorrow because all their attempts this afternoon over the phone failed to get me reconnected. Of course when the appointment was set up they had to go through this spill about how I’m responsible for basically everything, including a new modum if the tech guy says that’s what I need. I just got

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