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Obama vs Romney: The Big Medicare Lie (VIDEO) // Current TV

What does it say about the character of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan if both of them are so comfortable lying to you about their OWN plan for Medicare?

Mitt Romney is trying to portray President Obama as a threat to Medicare for two reasons. First, the Romney/Ryan plan would end Medicare as we know it. If this election were held on the facts, Romney would lose. Second, if Obama doesn’t debunk this lie, it will become true. Any false assertion turns into a truth if it is repeated enough times. In other words, Romney could be wrong and win this election if Obama doesn’t make sure that the public understands his plan. This is exactly why we at Veracity Stew do our job. We want to make sure that you, our readers, are informed. No matter which side you might take on any issue that you will be voting on

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