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AT&T Responds to Net Neutrality Concerns Regarding FaceTime

I posted this in another thread not long ago, but it bears repeating again in this thread.

ATT argues that its move is expanding access to FaceTime, which has until now been limited to Wi-Fi usage only, and the carrier says that it is limiting the feature’s cellular access to Mobile Share customers “out of an overriding concern for the impact this expansion may have on our network and the overall customer experience.

^^^That is total BS!

From my other post earlier…

This whole US cellular market of data usage is a bunch of bunk. 1GB, 3GB or unlimited, it’s all irrelevant. The quantity of data a person uses has no affect on the network of ATT, Verizon, et al. What matters and affects the network and it’s users is the number of people on the network at a given time, in a given area and how many it can support. That’s

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