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AT&T responds to FaceTime criticism, says you should

In a move that will surprise no one, ATT released a statement regarding FaceTime on its cellular network. Apple announced FaceTime over cellular at WWDC, but ATT this month was quick to point out that only its Mobile Share customers will be able to use Apple’s video chat tool. There appears to be no restrictions on Skype, Google+, ooVoo, Yahoo Messenger, IM+, Fring, etc. Why? Because none of those apps are pre-installed on your iPhone, whereas FaceTime is.

You see, after ATT was called to the mat over net neutrality (which would mandate ATT treat FaceTime data the same as all those other apps which will work just fine on my unlimited data plan), it cleverly pointed out that net neutrality doesn’t apply because FaceTime is not only pre-installed, but is obviously “subject to some reasonable restrictions.”

ATT goes even further, in my opinion.

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