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AT&T Tries To Tapdance Around Net Neutrality Regulations

from the tap-tap-tap dept

I’m still not convinced the FCC really has the mandate to put in place net neutrality rules, but even so, it’s quite amazing to watch ATT try to tap dance around them, while clearly violating both the spirit and the letter of the policies. The latest issue has to do with Apple’s Facetime video chat. While earlier rumors that ATT would charge for using the app proved untrue, it did announce that the app would only be available for those paying for a higher level of service (which may effectively be the same thing). The usual parties quickly raised a stink, highlighting how ATT appears to be violating the rules:

ATT has now hit back, claiming that the complaints are “knee jerk” and they’re not doing anything wrong.

As far as I can tell, ATT’s

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