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AT&T Sucks! ~ The Single Saver

Last month I called and renegotiated my TV and Internet bill with ATT.  I was paying $110 a month and my new rate was going to be $79 (plus tax) plus my Internet speed was going to increase by four times its current speed!  Incidentally, this is the same rate that is given to new customers.  It seemed only right that they would give a long-time loyal customer the same rate as a new customer.

So imagine my surprise when I got my bill today.  What I expected to be a bill of a little over $79 was actually a bill for more than $245!  Yes, you read that right. $245.  Confused?  So was I.

I called ATT.  I have their customer service number memorized as I have to call them quite often with service and equipment failure issues, so calling today was easy.  There were two strange things about my

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