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Why You Shouldn't Buy Your Child A Smartphone If You're On AT&T

So a while back I decided to buy my daughter a cellphone. She’s 20, and we figured that it’d be a great way for us all to stay in touch. Except before we did that, I wanted to make sure that she couldn’t accidentally run up a huge bill. After all, I’m paying the freight on this – so I didn’t want her to be able to accidentally purchase things she shouldn’t on my credit card, or go over her 300MB data-plan limit.

Now, you might be thinking… why not just tell her to be careful?

Well, we tried that. (Sorry Des – love you hon, but I need to share this for the story). My daughter was a bit naïve when we got her a phone the first time around, and would go over her text message limits (3,000 a month was not uncommon), and she’d also phone people. Random people.

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