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FCC Want to Tax Internet.. « Truth, Lies and In Between | ATTSucks

…service in some scheme that they claim would give internet access to everyone.
Sounds like BS to me, but hey, I already live in an area that has internet service that is provided to me by a private company, not the government. Now the government want to tax me to provide something to someone else. Where’s their skin in the game? Oh, there isn’t any. They already tax the shit out of my phone bill, now they want to add to my burden with the internet. Nice.

The Federal Communications Commission is eyeing a proposal to tax broadband Internet service.

The move would funnel money to the Connect America Fund, a subsidy the agency created last year to expand Internet access.

The FCC issued a request for comments on the proposal in April. Dozens of companies and trade associations have weighed in, but the issue has largely flown under the public’s radar.


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