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The 10 Biggest Mistakes You&

As of April 2012, businesses accounted for more than one million check-ins on Foursquare using the merchant platform, and plenty of these businesses are driving profits just from customers checking in. There are certain ways to become a Foursquare success story—but there are just as many ways to become a Foursquare failure.

Carmine Gallo, author of the book “The Power of Foursquare: 7 Innovative Ways To Get Your Customers To Check In Wherever They Are,” offers several tips on how to succeed using Foursquare:

1. Poor training. “No promotion—traditional or digital—stands a chance of success if the people tasked with the administrative of the initiative know very little, if anything, about it.”

Gallo details several instances where employees were not aware or did not know how to honor Foursquare deals. In one instance, he took his daughters into a toy store where a Foursquare deal was being offered on Lego toys. However, the clerk

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