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Sprint Community: Dare To Compare Sprint vs. At&t |

Ok so my contract is going to expire 08/30

I was checking out my options when I was saw on this site the “Dare to compare” in which sprint tries to belittle other companies.

However Att really got my attention:


1) we all know sprint data speed is super slow, whats the point on having “unlimited data” if we cant even use it? Every month I use about 3-400mb of data. Unless I connect to a wifi I cant really wait for sprint 3g network to load a youtube video. 4Gwimax was a total FAIL for sprint and LTE I can’t even say ’cause here in New York City we dont have that. when using sprint network I feel im being throttled but then I read the forums and I realize Im not the only 1 having such ridiculous slow speed.


2) I rather be limited to 3gb per month but be

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