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Large Tech: AT&T Puts on the Ritz to Upgrade Retail Knowledge

ATT is acquiring critical about retail with the opening of a flagship store in Chicago. Photo: Courtesy of ATT

Considering that everyone started utilizing mobile phones, the mission of all individuals ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile storefronts has been to sign up consumers. And it’s worked magnificently. Virtually everyone who wants a cell phone now has a single “100% penetration” in the parlance of telecom geeks. The query now for the retail specialists at the nation’s wireless carriers is what new goal can all that high-priced genuine estate serve?

ATT’s new flagship retailer, which opens today along Chicago’s tony Michigan Avenue, gives 1 answer. The style and function of the 10,000-square-foot space and the thinking behind it speak to how our bond with our phones has changed in the final two decades, and exactly where the earnings of these enormous wireless organizations will come from next. Its less

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