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Watch Yourself, Comcast: Creepy Home Security Cameras Could

Comcast video streamingHave you ever pondered the delightfully guilty concept of how cool it would be to be able watch what your kids did when you weren’t home? To be able to see whether your babysitter rifled through your drawers after the baby went to bed? Or whether your pet sitter was really sitting? And does the cleaning service really dust the blinds?

Well, Comcast (CMCSA) has been rolling out a service that could make such voyeuristic desires much simpler to indulge. It’s been expanding its Xfinity Home service in the hopes that customers will want to add a few more options, creepy as they may be, to their bundles (and add extra cha-ching to those bills).

Are You Ready for Your Close-Up?

Through Xfinity Home, Comcast offers home security options along with its cable TV, broadband, and phone products. In addition to alarm systems, one can install those

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