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AT&T's Insurance Sucks | ValidGeek[.com] |

So I got a new phone last Sunday.  The HTC One X from ATT.  I replaced my Inspire 4G with this phone and love it – or loved it – until Wednesday night came around.

As I was pumping gas at the local Wawa I got a text from a friend, so I pulled it out of my pocket, let it slip out of my fingers, and it flew like a bat out of hell towards the concrete.  My heart stopped about the same time as the gas pump did…. until I remembered Shadz at the ATT store telling me that they now build an extra $10 on your plan for insurance when you get a new smartphone.  Yes!

So the next morning I took the phone back to the ATT store, 30 minutes from my apartment.  Shadz greeted me as I walked

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