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verizon vs. t-mobile vs. at&t? | Free Articles

Question by idkwhattoput: verizon vs. t-cell vs. att?
I want a new cellphone company in which I can get unrestricted texting, image messaging and all the other stuff that arrives with that.
I also want a data program so I can get internet.
I only need almost certainly about 450 minutes.
Any good offers?
and which do you like best?

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Reply by Gene
I have experienced T-cell and they stored re-billing and ambigu billing my statements by way of my bank and that stopped swift. Had Verizon and fell out with them simply because of lies, getting put off and handed in excess of for support and lots of misrepresentation. I am with ATT now. Have been for three years and they do significantly much more and I am very content with them, and no grievances.

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