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Did We Miss VoIP? | TalkingPointz | |

In the early 90s I had the pleasure to work at Coors Brewing Company in Golden Colorado as a Network Engineer. It was a great gig – unlike any place I have ever worked. For example, it was common to have bikini wearing Coors Girls posters in our cubes – though I hear that practice ended. Every break room also had free beer taps, and that continues.

Recently, a reunion of sorts took place. A Coors IT reunion held at a park in Golden. It was a blast. I can’t say I recognized everyone (a bit disappointed in that), but was impressed that I still recalled some extensions. Yes, extensions. The early 90s was pre-email and Coors had an ATT (pre-Avaya) System 85 and VMX voice mail system which (cutting edge collaboration). We had analog phones on our desks (2500 sets) with

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