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You don't need to be a jerk to give bad customer service | ATTSucks

Great customer service — what I call anticipatory customer service — requires more these days than simply not being a jerk and not hiring jerks. It means building your non-jerk attitude into systems, facilities, and processes.

Traditionally, great customer service has meant selecting and training employees to work empathetically one on one with customers, anticipating “even the unexpressed wishes” of those customers, to use the Ritz-Carlton’s lovely phrase.

But we’re now well into the 21st century, and there’s more required to provide great customer service. While the right people are still central to delivering great service, it’s also important to align systems and technology with customers’ desires—even before these desires are voiced.

Let me illustrate with a story adapted from my new book, “High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service” (click the link if you’d like a free chapter).

A dusting of snow left my January flight on Southwest Airlines grounded for a couple hours

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