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Lies, damn lies and statistics « Dominies Communicate |

Usually when Tomi Ahonen starts repeating himself, I make a separate post about it. That’s true this time too. It’s about two surveys regarding Nokia Lumia 900. This is almost plain copy-paste from my post about Nokia’s Q2 figures so nothing new in a sense, just wanted to have a good point where to guide people.

Without further introduction, Tomi Ahonen:

the independent survey of Lumia owners by Yankee Group found that of Lumia owners in the USA, 4 out of 10 rate the Lumia as literally the worst phone possible (rating it a 1 out of 5 where 1 is worst and 5 is best).” [1]

There is one other study, a genuinely unbiased neutral survey of the same issue, by Yankee Group – which found the total opposite – 41% of specifically American Lumia owners rated it such utter rubbish smartphone, that they gave it a rating of 1 (worst) on a scale

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