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Buzz Out Loud 1581: OS X Mountain Lion: the OS to rule the

Former United States Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra

Former federal CTO Aneesh Chopra joins the show today to talk wireless policy and what the heck happened with SOPA/PIPA; we dish on what really happened with Molly’s Galaxy Nexus; and the address book uploading controversy that just won’t end. Plus, Into It/Not Into It, and one angry, angry voice mail. Good to be back!

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-Latest news on Aneesh

-Obama campaign opening tech field office in San Francisco

-Mac OS X Mountain Lion announced – brings full on iOS to the Mac experience

-Windows 8 to launch in 4th quarter, per Fujitsu product road map

-Twitter under fire post mobile privacy row

-Apple: App Access to Contact Data

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