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Game Changer? T-Mobile to Lure AT&T Users with Revamped Data

NEW YORK – Even the hip, pink clothes-wearing T-Mobile girl can’t change the game. T-Mobile USA, the only “Big 4″ phone company that doesn’t sell the iPhone, now wants to snag used ones from ATT.

It might be a sign of desperation, but things could change if it does have a significant effect. Beginning this Wednesday, Apple is expected to reveal a new iPhone model, T-Mobile will start advertising that ATT iPhone owners who are out of contract can switch to T-Mobile.

“We expect that consumers will start trading in older devices,” said Harry Thomas, T-Mobile’s director of marketing. “For every person waiting in line for the next model, a lot of them have to find a secondary market for that older device.”

Signing an iPhone up for T-Mobile service has been possible for years, and the company says it has

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