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Competitive wireless carriers take on AT&T and Verizon | ATTSucks

Wireless spectrums David vs. Goliath saga(Credit:
James Martin/CNET)

Competitive carriers both large and small, urban and rural are banding together to take on the nation’s two largest carriers, ATT and Verizon Wireless, as they amass more control over the wireless market.

On Monday, the Rural Cellular Association will announce that it is rebranding its organization and calling itself the Competitive Carrier Association. Steven Berry, CEO of the Washington, D.C., lobbying group, said the change is a reflection of how the wireless industry has evolved over the past few years.

Owing to increasing consolidation in the market, small rural carriers, which were RCA’s original members, now have much in common with carriers serving urban areas, such as MetroPCS, as well as the larger nationwide carriers, like Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA.

“ATT and Verizon Wireless have gotten so big so fast,” said Berry in a phone interview.

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