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Thinking of Sitting Out the iPhone 5 Pre-Order and Lines? Check

I’ve been doing some thinking about whether or not to jump into this year’s circus that centers around pre-ordering or buying a new iPhone 5 and I’ve decided to sit things out a bit. There are a couple of reasons for my decision. First, its money. I’m an ATT customer that has no interest in switching. Verizon’s service just isn’t as good in my area. I did the pre-order thing last year on got my iPhone 4S on October 8, the same date as a lot of other folks. So, after talking with ATT, I’ll save $200 bucks if I purchase on October 8. More on that in a minute.

I’m also not interested in playing the get up early or stay up late game or dealing with websites that may or may not be able to handle the traffic. And I’m far

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