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PR guy lies his way into mainstream media to prove a point | David

Self-proclaimed PR strategist Ryan Holiday has a formidable talent for pretending to be someone who he’s not. The self-confident 25-year-old con artist who lives in New Orleans has managed to lie his way onto the pages, websites, and airwaves of an extraordinary cross-section of America’s most prestigious news-gathering organizations.

Ryan Holiday, self-proclaimed PR strategist and professional liar.

Holiday’s motive, aside from proving how easy it is to make suckers out of the mainstream news media, is to publicize a book he’s written, “Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator.” The book outlines how he has fooled, lied to, duped and, of course, manipulated writers for websites and mainstream news, and how his success at the dark arts of PR illustrate the sickness of online media.

Holiday’s style is part of that sickness, I believe, because we

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