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Shame on AT&T, Bad Customer Service update P-2 … |

It’s day number two since my first post about the lack of customer service on the part of ATT (5 months after my lack of customer service problems started)….

Here’s an update:

  • I created this WordPress blog which you’re reading.
  • Went on Twitter and Tweeted about the bad experience to @ATT, @ATTCustomerCare @ ATTBusiness at around 4pm
  • Also used the hash tag “#ATT” to search for what other complaints or issues are happening in the ATT Universe
  • After a few seconds of searching I found multiple people who are experiencing similar bad customer service experience
  • I engaged about 10 unhappy ATT customers in dialogue (tweet replies) where two responded back to me (see image below)
  • At about 6:30pm @ATTCustomerCare followed me on Twitter and then replied to one of our tweets and asked me to DM (direct message) or email (see image below)
  • I DM @ATTCustomerCare asking for her to read my blog post first because my

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