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Shame on AT&T for HORRIBLE customer service… Spoke with 9

Why I am posting a billing dispute with ATT on this blog?  As an organization which advocates for those who’s voice are not often heard, we believe that we have to stand up for ourselves in this matter with ATT.  After more than 13 attempts to resolve our billing issue with ATT, we are unsatisfied with them.  My time has been wasted trying to deal with customer “no” service.  Large companies, such as ATT has a greater responsibility to be better and do better.  Poor customer service is unacceptable.  They should go the extra mile to take care of their customers, not toss them around like an account or a thing.  So, I’d rather use my time to speak to the world and call attention to ATT’s lack of customer service rather than talking to customer “no” service.  Here is our story, here’s what happened.

Our association (Government Contractors Association) was

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