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The Consumerist » Best Of Comments: iPhone Upgrades And


(Hammerin Man)

In today’s Best of Comments, someone claiming to be an ATT employee explains why their iPhone upgrade pricing is really supposed to be pro-consumer, and another commenter tries some armchair psychology on the management of large corporations.

Nathan:Others have chimed in on this, but as an ATT employee, I feel compelled to add some context. This is the result of two attempts by ATT to be more consumer friendly.

Previously, ATT used flat ETFs that did not change at all during the course of the contract. They changed them to decline over the course of the contract in 2008, and changed to a two-tiered ETF system based on device type in 2010 as a result of higher subsidization costs. Smartphone ETFs begin at $325 and decline by $10/month over the course of a contract (as

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