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Copywrite, Ink.: Interesting Opinions

When I read the article with Glenn Lurie, an ATT executive who sees every new consumer device before they are released, I was surprised. Although it is not his call alone, he has taken the position that Wi-Fi is not enough.

“We try to look for all the opportunities in the world to get the OEMs to understand that they shouldn’t be building two devices,” he said in the All Things D interview. “They should be building one device with Wi-Fi and 4G. It’s more efficient for them than having two [product] lines.”

He believes it is a simple matter of education. Consumers must learn that they need always-on connectivity, he said. Naturally, eliminating Wi-Fi only would serve ATT too. More connections means more subscribers and more subscribers means a better revenue model if they choose ATT.

I appreciate his candor, but the comments immediately following

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