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Never Mind The 4G Chevy Volt. Here's What It Will Take For Truly

The vision of an Internet-connected car is already a reality in many ways. With a smartphone or tablet as your traveling companion, there is not much you cannot do from within a vehicle. But truly networked personal transportation is still a few years off. It is not as simple as embedding a tablet in the dashboard. It requires a revamped infrastructure. 

A connected car has been making the rounds of technology conferences and exhibitions this year. The 4G Chevy Volt is a hybrid sedan created in partnership with General Motors, OnStar and Verizon. ReadWriteWeb’s Richard MacManus reviewed it earlier this year after getting a glimpse at Austin’s SXSW confab in March. 

While Richard focused on the infotainment aspect of the Volt (two tablets in the back seat can be controlled from the dashboard), the car has other network connections. The OnStar system can control many of the car’s functions, and

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