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AT&T sucks.

Originally Posted by sdJETSetter

Do u have an iphone?

I have never been as disinterested in something that people are CRAZY about.

Just dont get it. If people want to use a computer, why not just use a PC or laptop?

Is all this really essential?

I work outdoors and carrying a laptop or pc is totally impractical. As a CPA, I would assume you work in an office for the most part. Think if you we’re at your office but had to go home every time you had to use your computer. You probably consider the computer at the office essential. It’s all perspective.

It’s basically a little laptop that fits in your pocket. I have an iPhone 4 that I got from work. I could probably update it to the iPhone 5 but I don’t really have any desire to. For that matter, if I got an android instead, I would be fine

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