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Verizon Would Never Relock iPhone 5: Big News

Verizon iPhone 5 is a GSM unlocked phone which can also be used at ATT and T-Mobile USA carriers straightly.  But the big news lies here; Verizon announced today that it would never relock the iPhone 5 by releasing any kind of security update. It means now iPhone 5 owners are free to use their device on any carrier either ATT or T-Mobile.

Verizon-iPhone 5 CDMA-GSM-Apple

Unexpectedly enough, people who bought the Verizon version of iPhone 5 remained stunned on knowing that it would accept SIM cards from ATT and work on its slower 4G (3.5G) network. However, It will not work on ATT’s speedy 4G LTE network.

Notably, the first batch of Sprint’s iPhone 4S came “unlocked” and worked on ATT, last year, but on knowing the matter Sprint later

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