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Off the Bucket List- Area 51 and The Extraterrestrial Highway | The

Area 51. Ever heard of it? Several Hollywood science fiction movie plots have featured this apparently super-secret military installation where all sorts of, well, out-of-the-ordinary experiments are conducted. Because of the US government’s reluctance in providing any information about this facility, it has created numerous conspiracy theories, including some people believing that Area 51 is not just a military base, rather it is a research facility where aliens and extra terrestrial vehicles who happen to visit Earth are captured and researched. This belief further gathered steam with the release of the 1996 hit movie Independence Day. Since then thousands of curious visitors have traveled on the desolate road cutting across this region in the hopes of seeing something paranormal. That’s when the government of Nevada decided to play along and officially renamed the road as The Extraterrestrial Highway. 

Background aside, coming to the

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