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Why Obama Choked | RedState


When I saw the debate, I was quite thrilled with how well Romney was doing. Live-blogging it on Redstate, I found myself writing “home run” and “Romney nails it” several times, and noting Romney’s machine-gun rapid-fire of facts and figures. I marked four of the debate questions “ADVANTAGE ROMNEY”, where he clearly dominated the discussion or had a clearly better response. I was so thrilled with how Romney out-performed that I didn’t really think about how poorly Obama was doing until later.

One factor may have been that I saw it on PBS, and they didnt have the split-screen other stations did, a split-screen that had Obama peeved, looking down, smirking or with some sour expression, and never looking at Romney, whereas Romney was alert, good-natured, and in a more agreeable frame. But that style just is the cover on the substance of what happened.

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