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Verizon and AT&T are selling your personal data to advertizers

If you are a Verizon Wireless customer, you might not know that the carrier is selling your usage data for money. Anonymized location data, age, gender, usage habits, sports teams, dining and others are all sold to advertizers. Virtually the same data selling scheme occurs at ATT. Now that you know, you might actually not like this idea, and luckily there is a way to opt out, but the urgency is higher on Verizon.

Big Red has a policy under which you have 30 days to opt out of having your data sold to advertizers, otherwise your data is sold. Mobile developer Bryan Clark read the fine print and found about this, and here is the warning and the solution. For ATT, you don’t have the 30-day limit, but still the carrier’s is pretty much the same as the one on Verizon.

“The quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, location and amount of

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